Our vision

Many counties in Sweden today lack the number of psychiatrists and psychologists required to cover the needs of the population.  According to the prognosis of the National Board of Health and Welfare, the situation is thought only to get worse in the coming years.

Telepsychiatry, or the delivery of psychiatric or psychologic services using videoconferencing appears as a modern and sustainable solution to this situation, as psychiatrists and psychologists in other parts of the country have the opportunity and the will to work even part-time from a distance.

SWEDISH TELEPSYCHIATRY, SA. was grounded in 2014 with the vision to use these valuable resources in order to deliver services to those patients who are in need of them, regardless of where they reside.


The delivery of psychiatric and psychologic services using videoconferencing (telepsychiatry) gains more and more acceptance and is being used internationally with very good results.

There is good scientific evidence that evaluation and treatment via videoconference is as effective as the usual visits.

Telepsychiatric methods are associated with high compliance and patient satisfaction.

The alliance between patient and treating psychiatrist/psychologist is in general as good, and in some instances has more advantages, as, for example, for young patients or some with anxiety disorders.

In order for telepsychiatry to work, clear rules, education of staff and patients and secure equipment are needed.


Advantages for you as a health care provider

Continuity  We offer your patients continuity of care, following them up over time

Flexibility  We can easily adapt to your specific needs, and can also integrate our platform with yourcurrent IT system

Quality   We have experienced professionals using evidence based methods.  We follow national guidelines, as well as international guidelines on telepsychiatry

Psychologic treatment   We offer a unique opportunity for your patients to promptly meet  experienced CBT therapists

Secure and easy-to-use technique   You only need a computer with an internet connection, we provide all other equipement

Longterm collaboration  We hope to become a part of your local team

Environment friendly  As no long tirps will be needed


We even provide you with the possibility to run telepsychiatric services with your own resources.  Our role is to help you get started as effectively as possible.

Advantages for you as a private person

Increased availability  for those who, because of psychologic or somatic problems, or because of the distance from health care services find it difficult to ask for help or maitain a therapeutic contact

Comfort and flexibility  Consultations in the comfort of your own home, with the possibility to schedule them in the evening or the weekend.

Confidentiality  You will not need to wait in a common waiting room

Lower costs no trips, no parking costs, no loss of income or need for babysitting, which are often needed for a usual health care visit

No long waiting time  You will get a session scheduled within some days.

High quality and continuity  We work after the best available evidence.  You will be meeting the same psychiatrists or psychologist over time.


Telepsychiatric and telepsychologic services to health care providers (psychiatric units)

1. SWEDISH TELEPSYCHIATRY as subcontractor

  • psychiatric consultation, diagnosis and pharmacologic treatment
  • follow-up sessions
  • participation by videoconference in local treatment rounds
  • psychologic consulation and evidence-based psychologic treatment (cognitive-behavioural therapy)
  • education of the clinics staff

2. SWEDISH TELEPSYCHIATRY also offers a ”start package” to psychiatric units that wish to start using telepsychiatry on their own.  The package includes an analysis of the local needs and conditions, as well as training of the staff.  Please contact us for more information.

Telepsychiatric and telepsychologic services to private persons

  • psychiatric consultation, diagnosis and pharmacologic treatment
  • follow-up sessions
  • second-opinion
  • psychologic consulation and evidence-based psychologic treatment (cognitive-behavioural therapy)

Our services cannot be provided to those in an acute crisis. 

For more information please visit www.psykonline.se

Our vision is to be able to offer high-quality psychiatric and psychologic services to those who need them, irrespective of where in the country they reside

Fotios Papadopoulos Psychiatrist,
Senior Consultant,
Associate Professor in Psychiatry

Deanne Mannelid
Senior Consultant

Linda Jüris Psychologist,
CBT psychotherapist,

Christer Allgulander
Senior Consultant,
Associate Professor in Psychiatry